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Opportunity Knocks

The Qualified Opportunity Zones program is a new tax incentive designed to steer long-term capital investment into select census tracks. 

Available to investors in nearly all asset classes, QOZ initiatives connect capital with operating businesses, start-ups and infrastructure projects in qualified ‘Opportunity Zones,’ helping underinvested communities to grow and revitalize.

Our dedicated team of advisors work with clients from real estate, private equity and wealth management to help deliver on the promise of QOZ’s. If you’re interested in how capital can provide sustainable investment, create good quality jobs and support enterprise, we want to hear from you.  

By placing realized capital gains in a QOZ, investors stand to gain from a range of tax benefits, including temporary deferrals, basis reduction and permanent avoidance. We’re here to show how capital can take advantage of these incentives.

Strongside offers guidance on QOZ business and real estate projects across the investment cycle, from structuring, strategic development, and regulation management and due diligence. We offer a unique blend of business and real estate experience, we are ideally suited to work projects from both the real estate project to the operating QOZ business.

In addition to sourcing and managing QOZ Investments.
Our expertise covers:

Strongside combines deep-sector expertise with decades of both business and real estate market knowledge to help guide your business and real estate through the QOZ marketplace.

If you are thinking of buying or investing in a QOZ, it’s important that every detail of a pending investment is thoroughly checked and vetted. With our financial experts and tax advisors on your side, you can be sure to realise the full potential of your transactions.

Strongside’s regulatory compliance takes the time to understand the objectives of your business, working with you to develop practical and efficient solutions for managing regulatory risk. Our customized, flexible approach aims to save your organization time and resources, whether you’re seeking advice on a specific area of compliance, looking for a full regulatory compliance audit or developing a long-term strategy across a range of requirements.

A core strength of Strongside is our desire and ability to work with State and Local governments efforts to take full advantage of QOZs while respecting existing neighborhood residents.

If you want to find out more about how Strongside can assist your business or community in leveraging the Opportunity Zones program, get in touch today.

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